Anna Limontas-Salisbury

Anna Limontas-Salisbury 

freelance multimedia journalist


Anna Limontas-Salisbury is a Freelance Journalist and writer living in Brooklyn New York. A writer since age 12, her favorite medium is still a black and white composition notebook and a ball point pen. She can often be seen scribbling on the J or C train heading to or from her day job as a Student Advisor with the Brooklyn Public Library where she works with young adults. 

In 2016 She was one of 6 writers and journalists invited to cover events in Cleveland surrounding the 2016 Republication National Convention for Belt Magazine. 

She's written primarily about women and poverty for Women's eNews. Her stories include child welfare as related to domestic violence, teenage pregnancy and Title IX education, and welfare reform. 

She's produced video segments for Brooklyn Independent Television, now known as Bric Arts Media. Her production credentials include arts and culture segments for Caught in the Act, politics and people for Brooklyn Review and a sports segment for In The Zone.

Anna is currently attending writing classes with New York City Writers Coalition's Make a Fist.